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Jan. 3rd, 2017 07:15 pm
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this is uh shameless poorly written smut but you guys Asked For It so here's an adansey sex scene from the tattoos for homes universe that i wrote while trying to hit my nanowrimo word count last year. 
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the infamous grocery store au ; unfinished

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the czarrish vlogger au; all of the snippets i've posted + the little bit i started writing for trcbigbang before i swapped ideas
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the "gansey gets brought back to life and the consequence of it is that he remembers absolutely nothing about his life in henrietta" fic. unfinished. this was ot5.

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“We can’t all live off of our trust funds,” Blue said. It sounded like a tired response. Gansey wondered how many times they’d had this sort of conversation. The empty two years in his head had never felt like more of a void.  

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This is the beginning of what was meant to be a 25k fic following Blue post-series. I started writing it before TRK came out. There was going to be a whole story about her getting close with Aurora because of knitting/fiber arts and how Aurora reminded her of Persephone in a lot of ways once she was somewhat ~restored. It was also going to have a lot of Blue&Ronan friendship stuff because I had them both living at Monmouth while Blue went to a nearby community college to do her general education credits. It was also going to deal with Noah being alive again and with Blue and Gansey navigating their relationship now that they had put all of the death and curse-related angst behind them.

Obviously, TRK jossed like, every aspect of this, lmao.

But here's what I had.


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this was going to be for trcshipswap but i ended up running out of time to write it, and then running out of steam. the main idea is that this is a trc au where everyone's roles (mirror, dreamer, explorer, ghost, magician) are moved around. blue is the dreamer, ronan is the magician, adam is the mirror, gansey is the ghost, and noah's the explorer. unfinished.

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the "our moms are both running for president and we just got caught having sex in a coat closet" henry/gansey au that i wrote before TRK came out bc i was one of two people actively stanning henry/gansey at that point. incomplete.
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This is the set I'm going to call "times that Adam really couldn't keep his hands off of Ronan". Again, uncompleted snippets, largely with the same themes.

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This is a couple of snapshots of Pynch that were meant to be built up into something more. I wrote them write around the time TRK came out. Lots of different takes on the same themes.

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Dec. 8th, 2015 11:43 am
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So...I'm mostly creating this journal so that I can participate in Get Your Words Out in 2016, but I'll probably start posting my fic and bigger fandom stuff here, too? Idk man I miss the livejournal vibe. Might journal a bit here too, who knows.

Anyway, here's the basics:

My name is Kate. I'm 23. Female, cis, largely gay. I am currently really into the Raven Cycle, and post about it incessantly on my tumblr (czarrish). I've got a few different novels that I've been working on for the past decade and I would very much like to finish one at some point. I RP on jcink sometimes under various pseuds because jcink is a drama hellhole

If you'd like to be friends just comment??? I guess??? If I know you from somewhere else, let me know who you are.


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