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This is the set I'm going to call "times that Adam really couldn't keep his hands off of Ronan". Again, uncompleted snippets, largely with the same themes.

Adam hated planes.

Adam didn’t like to make a habit of being naive. Fear was a lifelong acquaintance, and even if he’d managed to go a few months without bumping into it, it was still out there. He had just thought—hoped, really—that after all of the death and possession, after standing up to his parents, that something like stepping onto a plane would be less frightening.

It wasn’t.

The airport terminal was crowded with college students heading home for Christmas break, hapless tourists catching connecting flights, and people clutching briefcases like lifelines. Adam had taken up post near a phone charging station at the wall. His tablet—a benefit of his scholarship—was fully charged, but he had a five hour flight ahead of him, and he was going to need the distraction the whole time.

He had ten messages waiting when he opened the texting app. Most of them were from Blue and Gansey—pictures from the Florida leg of their road trip. Gansey’s obsessed with the Hidden Mickey thing, Blue’s captions said. Who would have guessed? In all of the pictures, Blue, Gansey, and Henry were touching—arms looped around waists and shoulders, fists bumping, kisses on cheeks. Adam wondered, not for the first time, how long it was going to take them to catch on.

He scrolled past the texts from his roommate—hey A-List did I leave my keys in the room????—and opened his conversation with Ronan, which hadn’t been touched in weeks. Words were not Ronan Lynch’s strong suit, but it turned out that video message worked for him more than texting or phone calls. Adam wasn’t going to say no to that.

Waiting to board, he typed. Should be in D.C. Around seven. He hit send and then frowned. *around, he added. Damn AutoCorrect.

Ronan sent him back a thumbs up emoji within five minutes, which made Adam consider the possibility that his boyfriend had been kidnapped and replaced by a well-intentioned cyborg. Adam settled back against the wall, positioned so that he could see the announcement screen and hear most of the activity in the room. After the fiasco of his flight being cancelled over Thanksgiving, Adam wasn’t about to miss this one. It had been too long since he’d seen Ronan in person. Another three months of only seeing him on a tablet screen would drive him insane.

He’d survived for eighteen years without touching Ronan Lynch, and now the idea of going without it for another day made Adam’s entire body ache.

(this was going to end with Ronan showing up at the airport to ride back with Adam bc he knew Adam would be Freaking Out and why ask him if it's chill when you could just like, buy a ticket and not plan for a layover that's going to force you to sprint from one end of the other and then catch your breath down the hall from the gate so that you can walk in all smooth and casual? why do that?)


(these next ones are all from the "ronan wants to wait until he's married to have sex" fic. started before trk and clearly jossed.)

It wasn’t like Ronan didn’t want to have sex with Adam.

He thought about it. A lot. He’d been thinking about since before he’d even realized that he wanted Adam that way. In his dreams, Adam was always all over him—fingertips tracing the lines of his tattoos, lips following soon after. The dreams never went much farther than that—Ronan’s limited knowledge of sex didn’t provide him with many more details. But that was enough to have him waking up euphoric and exhausted in equal measure.

He wanted to have sex with Adam.

He just didn’t want to do it now.


“C’mon, Parrish. The trees aren’t going to wait all day.”

They would—they would wait until Cabeswater became too insistent for Adam to ignore—but Adam didn’t bother to correct Ronan. Ronan had already clambered up the ledge that Adam had been attempting to walk around, and now crouched at the top, reaching a hand down.

The stupid thing was, Adam wanted to grab his hand more than he wanted to get up the ledge safely. But he wanted to touch Ronan more than he wanted to do most things, these days, so this didn’t surprise him as much as it would have a few months ago. As if I wasn’t jumping into shopping carts and being dragged behind a car on a dolly before then, he thought, and reached up to grab Ronan’s hand.

Ronan guided him up over the rocks, finally hauling him over the side near the top. Adam rolled over onto his back, looking up first at the sky and then at Ronan, who for a moment blocked out the sun. “I’m not going to miss all this hiking,” he said, exhaustion dropping the g’s from his accent.

Ronan disappeared from his line of sight with a grunt, and Adam sighed, throwing an arm over his eyes. He knew that Ronan hated it when he brought up leaving for school, but Ronan needed to get used to it. Adam was going to leave in a little over two months, and Ronan needed to be able to deal with that if they were going to make it.

Adam wanted them to make it.

Ronan nudged Adam’s side lightly with his boot, and Adam lifted his arm just enough to glower at him. “Trees,” Ronan repeated.

Adam lifted up a hand, and Ronan pulled him to his feet. This left him right in Ronan’s space, and Adam couldn’t pass up the opportunity to brush his lips against Ronan’s sharp cheekbone. “Trees,” he agreed.

And if Ronan didn’t let go of his hand for the rest of the outing, neither of them said anything about it.


Touching Ronan was something that Adam used to deliberately keep out of his thoughts.

Even after he’d realized that he reciprocated Ronan’s feelings, their lives had been too hectic for simple pleasures like that to be factored in. They needed to save Gansey, they needed to wake Glendower, they needed to stop the Third Sleeper. There wasn’t time for Adam to think about how badly he wanted to kiss Ronan, or how much he wanted to reach out and touch the curling tendril of his tattoo where it peeked out over his jacket.

But now, there was. Gansey had been saved, Glendower had been awoken, the Third Sleeper had been eliminated. Nothing stood between them anymore.

Now, he could touch Ronan.

Now, he couldn’t stop touching Ronan.

They’d taken up post in their usual booth at Nino’s, with Blue shuffled in between Gansey and Noah on the other side, and Gansey was going over his plans for a road trip along the ley line.


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